About Us

We are a professional and highly motivated team, dedicated to quality and customer. Each member of the SanaTech team has advanced knowlegde in the service areas we offer, so we offer a complete and professional solution.


Winston Churchill once said: “The disadvantage of free speech is that sometimes stupid, ugly and vicious things are said. But if we put them all together, we are more willing to endure that than to abolish freedom of expression. "

As living beings and as parts of nature, communication, freedom and security are among our primary needs. While freedom and security are often described as opposing goals, history teaches us that freedom and security are interdependent. History also teaches us that communication and cooperation are better than confrontation.

The Internet is considered to be the guarantor of individual freedom and is therefore the most important achievement of free people, making it the most important communication platform for individuals, entrepreneurs and companies. The Internet is also the largest battlefield in the modern world.

With the construction of your IT infrastructure and your Internet communication platform, we at SanaTech create the foundation for your individual and professional freedom and development and, at the same time, we ensure your online security.


How we imagine the future of SanaTech? We are about to become a global company. We establish new standards for coding, IT security and IT related services. We are the reasonable link between entrepreneurs or comapnies and the business enviornment. In all our efforts, safety comes first.

our mission

We aim to understand the real needs of the client and to develop sustainable partnerships, based on professionalism and trust that will result in increased efficiency and productivity. SanaTech has based its activity on solid and indispensable principles for building a successful business:

We focus on CUSTOMERS NEEDS and the personalization of the services offered;

We believe in INNOVATION, readiness and efficiency;


We BRING ADDED value through our products and services;

Graphic showing growth and target being touched by hand


IT security comes first in our work.

Our clients have the right to receive quality services, on-time delivery and fair prices. We are always aware that we cannot exist without our customers.

We always act with honesty, intergrity and fairly and expect the same from our partners.

Our employees are our most precious asset. We treat them with care and respect and we are always friendly and open. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Continuing vocational training is encouraged and required.

For our investors, we ensure a safe and sustainable return on working capital and create immortal values in this process.

We create sustainable added value for customers, suppliers, employees, the state and shareholders.


Fair and customer oriented

Relationship of trust

Our team is one of the pillars on which the company SanaTech Complete Solutions is based for a constant and healthy growth. SanaTech is made up of a young and dynamic team, where professional development is a priority. If you have the initiative, you are focused on the client, you like to constantly learn new things and teamwork characterizes you, then we expect you to join the team.

What do we offer? A job in a proactive and professional team. An optimal working environment for professional development. We enthusiastically announce that the atmosphere created within the company will be a pleasant and productive one. Thus, we look forward to your requests, and let’s meet!