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Prepare your equipment


Build a solid network


Create your online domain


Attract attention






Step by step to a new beginning

1.Equip yourself with leased hardware.

Choose your digital tools through software leasing.

2.Connect your world through networks.

Organize your space with an admin.

Protect with a security shield.

3.Bring your ideas to life by designing a website.

4.Improve your visibility in search engines.

Promote your presence on social media.

5.Congratulate yourself. You did it.

By choosing a partnership with us, you choose a complete IT service. Our company can offer you an advantage over your competitors.

You don’t have to spend valuable time looking for the right equipment or to install, configure and secure it. We have the solution and for this reason we think that our company is the right choice for a healthy and sustainable development of your business.

We can provide you with a monthly rental solution for the IT equipment needed for your business to develop and grow. The main advantage of this type of rent is that you do not have any blocked financial capital.

Along with this service, we provide IT security services so that your company can operate without worrying about online threats. IT security is very important for a business because a malfunctioning equipment, or worse multiple malfunctioning equipment can slow down or paralyze your business activity or, worse, close it down.


At SanaTech, our goal is to provide our customers with the best possible hardware leasing solutions that allow them to keep up with their technology needs. We help to manage their equipment and provide them with the necessary resources to operate efficiently.

Our Hardware Leasing Services provide you with several advantages:

  • Access to Cutting-Edge Technology: We update our inventory frequently so that you can get the latest and most modern equipment.
  • Cost Savings: Leasing eliminates the need to invest a lot of money in hardware. With our flexible payment options, you can choose the duration and terms that best suit your needs.
  • Scalability and Flexibility: You can easily add or change equipment to accommodate your changing needs, ensuring you have the latest tech.
  • Maintenance and Support: Our experts are available to help you with any issue related to your computer's hardware or software, and they can minimize downtime and ensure that it operates at its best.
  • Environmentally Friendly Approach: Leasing helps reduce electronic waste. When leased equipment is returned, we handle the required disposal and recycling. This will minimize your impact on the environment.

Contact us today to explore how our Hardware Leasing Services can provide you with the needed technology while optimizing your budget and enabling your business to thrive.


It can be very challenging to keep track of all the equipment in a business.

Our rental software can help medium and fast-growing enterprises to achieve their goals. With the help of our rental software, your company can streamline its operations and manage its assets more effectively. You’ll have everything you need to run a successful business, including a website builder and multiple management tools.

Your advantages:

  • Software leases help prevent obsolescence, which can eventually affect the lender. We can offer you the upgrade of the software or its add-on feature;
  • A software lease is a great way for your business to remain competitive without a huge expenditure;
  • Leased software provides businesses with fixed yet flexible monthly expenses;
  • Your business can easily source the best-in-class software they need and avoid potential budget strains;
  • Software lease is typically less costly than a traditional purchase. It allows you to get the customized software you need without the high upfront costs.

What SanaTech experts offer you:

  • Configuration and technical support for a software package specially adapted to your company;
  • Identifying the requirements, developing the software, testing, quality assurance, and releasing the product.

The success of an organization depends on its efficient and reliable network infrastructure. With our cutting-edge technology and our extensive experience, we can offer you a wide range of networking solutions that accommodate your specific requirements.

Our team possesses a deep knowledge of various networking principles and techniques. Whether you require help with the creation of a new network or the optimization of your infrastructure, our abilities and experience can provide you with exceptional results.

Our Networking Services include:

  • Network Design and Implementation: We help you design a network infrastructure that meets your company's goals and ensures reliable connectivity. Our specialists will guide you through the entire process, from planning to implementation.
  • Network Security: The safeguarding of your network and the protection of your data is our priority. We utilize the latest security techniques like encryption, firewalls, and intrusion detection systems to fortify your network and prevent unauthorized access.
  • Network Maintenance: We handle all aspects of network maintenance, from ensuring operation to minimizing downtime.
  • Network Upgrades and Expansion: As your company grows, your infrastructure need to grow as well to support increasing operations. We help to expand and upgrade your network to meet the demands of your growing business.
  • Wireless Networking: Our wireless networks provide you with the best possible solution and experience.
  • Network Consulting and Support: Our network consultants can help you identify and resolve network-related issues. Our team can provide the necessary advice and recommendations to improve performance and optimize your infrastructure.

Contact us today to discover how our Networking Services can transform your business and drive its success in the digital era.


They say that any problem can be solved by the IT guy.

The goal of the administrator is to ensure that the organization's networks, systems, and servers are secure and can be operated efficiently. The primary function of administration is to maintain and monitor the security and quality of the above.

Why do you need an IT administrator? Monitoring service is an essential part of any business infrastructure to keep track of the activities and health of the networks, servers, and systems.

Are you interested? We offer you the following solutions:

  • To ensure that seamless operations and connectivity are possible, we plan and enhance your network's capacity;
  • To improve the management, track, and document changes in your network;
  • To configure various network hardware, such as switches, routers, and servers;
  • To ensure that the company's software is continuously updated;
  • To manage the network storage;
  • Maintaining and installing computer hardware;
  • Data recovery;
  • Ensure that the servers are running smoothly by implementing operating systems and monitoring the performance;
  • Support and regular maintenance for the servers.


Being on the beach, with a cold drink in hand, without the worry of virtual attacks? Yes, it's possible!

Cybersecurity allows your organization or business to be protected from the latest threats. Our services can help you prevent losing customer data, financial records, or business operations. Sanatech experts continuously monitor your servers and can provide support whenever you need it.

We offer you a variety of security solutions to protect your business:

  • Configuration of automated data backup system;
  • Configuration and management of the disaster recovery system;
  • Protection against adware, trojans, malware, phishing, spam, and Spyware;
  • Security information transmitted over the Internet;
  • Security of communication ports;
  • Security of the network against internal and external data leaks;
  • Technical support 24/7.


The only question you should ask yourself is: Do I take a gin and tonic in the beach bar or rather a cold beer on the beach?

SanaTech offers you a quality service by creating a website with a unique and modern look, specially designed for your business and that will make the difference between your business and the competition. Quality makes the difference!

  • Homepage development services, blog, online store, website hosting, graphic design and e-mail addresses for your business;
  • We buy domains dedicated to your business and host personalized email addresses (info@domain, contact @domain) and backup e-mails;
  • Web development in technologies such as WordPress or programming languages (PHP / CSS / HTML5 / MySQL);
  • Graphic design: image, logo and video editing and uploading to your site;
  • Website hosting: daily backup, SSL security certificates , Website security against attacks.


Setting new trends and place targeted advertising! The internet is such a fast-paced relationship between you and potential clients that you can get lost sometimes. Action can be taken quickly and beneficial relationships can be created. We would also be happy to take care of that for you.

Another advantage is that we are talking about B2B or B2C business. Online advertising is one of the most effective marketing techniques for any business. The purpose of a corporation is to erase influence, attract new ones, and diversify the channels through which income can be generated. We offer advertising services like Google Advertising and advertising services on social networks like Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok and YouTube.

  • Advertising campaigns from Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and TikTok for a strong online presence
  • Graphic design: image and video editing for a successful promotion campaign
  • Implement meta tags and internal links


SEO (search engine optimization) is not a one-off event, it must be done consistently. To improve the position of the website in the search results, optimally administered campaigns are required that increase (cost-)efficiently visibility (so-called SEA - Search Engine Advertising).

SEO and audit for your website: we analyze the current situation of your website so that we can focus on its weak points. Effective SEO improves your website's display in search engines.

Optimizing Content: Images, scripts, and other elements affect your site's position in search results. We optimize these to reduce the loading times of your website.

Content Strategy: We implement SEO optimization services considering the content of the website to get useful optimization for search engines and users.

Link Building: Attract relevant links to your website in the most natural way possible.