By choosing a partnership with us, you choose a complete IT solutions service, so our company can offer you an advantage over your competitors, because more than anything we offer you time.

You don’t have to spend valuable time looking for the right equipment or to install, configure and secure it. We have the solution for this and for this reason we consider that we are the right choice for a healthy and sustainable development of your business.

We can provide you with a monthly rental solution for the IT equipment needed for your business to develop and grow. The main advantage of this type of rent is that you do not have any blocked financial capital.

Along with this service, we can provide IT security services so that your company can operate without worrying about online threats. IT security is very important for the activity of a business because a malfunctioning equipments, or worse multiple malfunctioning equipment can slow down or paralyze your business activity or, worse, close it.

rent it equipment

IT equipment rental services, both Hardware and Software

Safely rent performance equipment specially adapted to the needs of your business without additional worries. The advantages of renting an equipment are multiple:

Low risks compared to a bank loan, the creditworthiness of the company not being affected;

Fully deductible monthly or quarterly installments;

High flexibility both technologically and financially, the number of equipment can be supplemented or decreased depending on the needs of the business;

The capital destined for the investment in equipment can be redirected to the development of the business.

Assistance in equipment selection, rental and installation:

Laptops, desktops, monitors, printers, routers, input and output devices;

Configuration and technical assistance for a software package specially adapted for your business;

Network configuration;

A laptop and folders with the SanaTech Logo for our Rent IT Equipment Service

We rent equipment for medium or long term, to companies that do not want to block their budget in IT equipment investments

We provide staff training to use IT equipment in optimal conditions and support throughout the contract period

Not blocking money in IT equipment investments will keep your cash flow positive

The cost of renting the equipment includes maintenance

Fully deductible monthly or quarterly installments

Saving the company's capital

SanaTech’s core business segment is to provide fast, high-quality technical support to all of our customers. Choosing to outsource your IT department to us not only ensures you an optimal operation of the system but also a considerable financial savings. Also, the time required for research is saved and can be invested in growing the business.

IT Security is crucial in protecting data from both external and internal threats and also in the situation of equipment failure. For any business, security is crucial to protect it from physical and cyber threats. If you are a business owner you need to consider implementing the best IT security measures for your business. IT security systems are important for businesses because they prevent your devices from getting infected with malware and they prevent digital intrusions. This can help protect the company from legal problems and protect sensitive data from being leaked. A company that implements security systems is unlikely to face these issues. SanaTech offers a variety of security solutions to protect your company:

Configuration and Administration of workstations and servers

Automated system configuration of data back-up

Configuration and Administration of disaster recovery system

Technical Support available 24/7

Protection against Adware, Trojan horse, Malware, Phising, Spam, Spyware

Securing information transmitted via the Internet, security of communication ports

Securing the network against internal and external data leaks

web development

The SanaTech team offers you a quality service by creating a website with a unique and modern design specially crafted for your business, which will make the difference between your business and the competition. Quality makes the difference!

Homepage development services, blogs, online shop, website hosting, graphic design and email addresses dedicated to your business

We purchase domains dedicated to your business, hosting personalized e-mail addresses (info @ domain, contact @ domain) back-up e-mails

Web development in technologies such as WordPress or programming languages (PHP / CSS / HTML5 / MySQL)

Graphic design: images, logo and video processing as well as uploading them on the site

Website hosting: daily back-up, SSL security certificates, website security against attacks

A laptop and graphic design examples our Web Development Service

The Internet is the place where you can quickly interact with your customers. The next step is creating mutually beneficial relationships. This is the safest way to grow your business. Another advantage is the precise targeting of audiance, be it B2B or B2C business.

Online promotion is one of the most effective marketing techniques for any business. The purpose of a business is to extend it's influence, to attract new customers and to diversify the channels through which to obtain income. We offer promotional services such as Google Advertising and promotional services on social networks such as Instagram, Facebook and even TikTok and YouTube.

Google, Youtube, Facebook, Instagram and Tik-tok promoter campaigns for a strong online presence

Graphic design: image and video processing for a successful promotion campaign

Implement metatags and internal links


SEO (search engine optimization) is not a single event but needs to be done consistently. However, without any further promotion, the optimization reaches a limit. To further improve the website’s position in the search results, it requires optimally administered campaigns that efficiently increase the visibility (called SEA – search engine advertising).

Brainstorming logo

SEO and Audit for your Website. We will analyze the current situation of your website, so we can focus on its weak points. Effective SEO will lead to an improved position in the search engines

Website performance optimization. We optimize the size of the images, the code and other elements that can make the website difficult to load. Through this optimization the response speed is increased by improving the user experience and the SEO score of the website.

Content strategy. We implement SEO optimization services paying attention to the content of the site, in order to obtain a useful optimization for search engines and users

Link building. Attract relevant links to your site in the most natural way possible.